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  • Welcome to quaterion-models’s documentation!

Welcome to quaterion-models’s documentation!

quaterion-models is a part of Quaterion, similarity learning framework. It is kept as a separate package to make servable models lightweight and free from training dependencies.

It contains definition of base classes, used for model inference, as well as the collection of building blocks for building fine-tunable similarity learning models.

If you are looking for the training-related part of Quaterion, please see the main repository instead.


pip install quaterion-models

It makes sense to install quaterion-models independent of the main framework if you already have trained model and only need to make inference.

Load and inference

from quaterion_models import SimilarityModel

model = SimilarityModel.load("./path/to/saved/model")

embeddings = model.encode([
    {"description": "this is an example input"},
    {"description": "you may have a different format"},
    {"description": "the output will be a numpy array"},
    {"description": "of size [batch_size, embedding_size]"},


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